Backup and Disaster Recovery


Why do you need backups
Hackers and Viruses destroy data, Computers fail, people make mistakes, sometimes natural disasters destroy buildings, and your customers will still want services.
If you are unable to provide for your clients while waiting to recover your computers and data you may lose clients or possibly your entire business.

Do your backups cover everything that is important?
When your backups were initially setup it may have been backing up everything that is important, but as time goes on often the amount and location of data that needs to be backed up changes. You need to regularly review what is being backed up to make sure it covers all the important areas

Are your current backups good?
When was the last time you checked that you can restore from your backups? A backup that cannot be restored from is all too common for businesses that do not regulary test recovering from their backups

Are your backups safe?
Do you keep all of your backups in one location? If so you may lose all your data and backups by the same disaster. It is important to keep your backups in at least two physically seperate locations

How often do your backups run?
To determine how often you need to have your backups running you simply need to look at how much data you can afford to lose. Would it hurt your business if you lost a day or week's worth of work?

Our Solution
We offer a managed backup solution that allows you to have peace of mind that all of these questions are being addressed on a regular basis.
Our backup solution will store your backups both locally in your building and in the cloud, ensuring you are never at risk for losing your backup data.
We regularly review our clients backup needs and verify the backups are recoverable.
We can schedule your backups to run as often as your business needs and we will help you to determine how often that is.

With over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industry, CMB Computers is the ideal solution for all of your IT needs.