Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Business class communication. Greater results.

Much more than just email

Microsoft Exchange lets you do more than just communicate. It offers highly secure, business-class email - helping businesses like yours work collaboratively and focus on what matters. With Microsoft Exchange, you can:

  • Simplify the way you manage your email, contacts, and calendar.
  • Stay connected on the go with access to your email, contacts, and calendar from your phone, PC, and browser.
  • Worry less about security with world-class protection from viruses and spam email.

See how Microsoft Exchange can help you get organized, get mobile and get peace of mind.

Simplify the way you work

Manage your email, contacts and calendar better

Is it time you got more organized? With Microsoft Exchange, you can go to one place for your email, calendar, notes, tasks and contacts. This means whether you’re sharing your calendar with co-workers, keeping your inbox clutter-free or quickly finding the email messages you require then you’re in control of business.

You can also benefit from an expanded mailbox so you never need feel restricted again plus grouped email messages and professional email addresses that use your business name as the domain name.

Stay connected on the go

Consistency across phone, PC and browser

Is it time your business got mobile? With Microsoft Exchange you can access your email, calendar and contacts from anywhere. What’s more you can use your email, calendar and contacts on almost any browser or computer.

When you’re away from the office, you can stay connected to your computer email with your smartphone or tablet. Exchange lets you set up and accept meeting invitations on the move plus you can keep working even when you don’t have an Internet connection – with offline access to your email and address book.

Control your security

Worry less with world-class email protection

Is it time your business had peace of mind? With Microsoft Exchange you can protect your email from viruses and spam – before they even reach your network. You benefit from built-in security policies such as creating a ‘safe’ list of mobiles that can access your business email. Plus you can require all company mobiles to lock their screens with a PIN request.

On top of simple built-in archiving capabilities, you can also avoid common but potentially costly or embarrassing email mistakes by setting up automatic alerts and warnings. Furthermore you can deal with the worry that your data will end up in the wrong hands, safe in the knowledge you can wipe your phone remotely should you lose it.

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